The Trust provided a grant to Signpost International. Signpost International exists to eradicate suffering and poverty in all its forms. They work globally with people based on their expressed needs, irrespective of race or religion, and seek to target the most vulnerable and marginalised. They work through partnership with local organisations and communities to bring transformation through appropriate, sustainable and community-led programmes. These programmes vary depending on the need but fall under one of four thematic areas: food security; sustainable livelihoods; Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); and global citizenship. Signpost International emphasise the development of strong partnerships with local organisations and work closely with partners to improve practice through capacity building to better address challenges. Signpost International similarly recognise that we are on this journey together and have as much to learn as to teach so strive to operate in an open, accountable and transparent manner. This year’s grant went to support three special projects, they were;


1.A WASH project in Tanzania on Lake Victoria

2.Building community resilience to Covid-19 in communities across Uganda

3.Alternative Learning System (ALS) classes for out of school and at risk youth in Iloilo, Philippines.


Children of Rwanda is a registered NGO that enables children to return to class and benefit from their universal right to an education in a sustainable way by working with their parents to increase their household income enough to cover the costs of schooling without relying on external help.

 The grant given to Children of Rwanda will allow them to put 18 children through one year of schooling and provide them and their families with life saving health insurance.

The Inverness Inter Faith Group:

  • Promotes inter faith work to the general public through public talks, exhibitions and social activities.
  • Organises religious, social and educational events such as annual picnics and Scottish Inter Faith Week activities.
  • Increases the understanding of members through sharing knowledge of the diverse faiths in Inverness and surrounding area.
  • Liaises with inter faith groups in other areas.
  • Represents an inter faith view, on behalf of members, to public agencies and other bodies.

 The grant given to the Inverness Inter Faith Group will allow them to mark the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day 2021